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Preparations for Colecta Cuenca

Yesterday our group was able to be a part of the preparations for colecta, the upcoming annual fundraising event for TECHO. We were able to speak with a few of the volunteers as well as help make a some of the posters that will plaster the city on Friday. Donde hay voluntad, no hay problemas sino soluciones (where there is volunteerism, there are no problems without solutions).




Missing a flight internationally may seem like a nightmare. One has to make new arrangements for air transportation, ground transportation, and secure shelter. Thankfully these arrangements were made and we stayed the night in a hotel in Quito, but this experience has made me think. What if we didn’t have these options? What if we had no where to stay? What would we do? This is the reality of some people in the world who’s daily thoughts include securing shelter for the night. Afterall, all men want at all costs to achieve the oldest ideal of the human race: a roof which would protect from the rain.

Not Goodbye, See You Later.

Not Goodbye, See You Later.

Goodbyes are sometimes hard, and yet, necessary. Tampa is home to many people and places that are important to me but I could not be more excited to embark on this adventure. Working with TECHO in Cuenca will serve as a great opportunity to not only shed light on an organization that helps shelter the people of its country, but also promotes youth volunteerism, an underutilized service in Latin American countries. It is this volunteerism that serves as the foundation for which TECHO provides a roof for its country.