Half a Month and Half a Beard Later

Hola. ¿Como estás!?

Good. Now that the extent of my Spanish is out of the way, lets be real and stuff. Cuenca is pretty awesome. They have so many things… Like Karaoke! And Beer! That’s fun!

I’m learning ever so much here in the far away land of America. Like what do do with a tripod and a dead cat (technical terms, you probably wouldn’t understand).

So all of you avid readers of documentaryabroad.wordpress.com/page/2 probably know a bit about whats going on, but imma fill you in:

Day 1: Flights be early, Copa be silly.

Day 2: Bus tours, like a baws

Day 3: Authentic Mexican food because we are in Ecuador

Day 4: I showered for the first time ever….

Day 5: Things happened

Day 6-7: More things happened

Day 8: I spad (spa as a verb in past tense) to a whole new level.

Day 9: Something about mountains

Day 10-13: More talking than I’ve done ever.

Day 14: I rode a flippin horse and made friends with a dog. This is my only friend….

Day 15: Silly Switzerland.

Day 16: Got our first interview down….now I am writing a blog post titled “Half a Month and Half a Beard Later.” It is about what I have done the past half of a month. I started out talking about how on the first day Copa was silly. Then I went through every other day to….never mind.

Hi! Hello. My name is Zach!

16 days so far of Cuenca Ecuador. 14 more to come! Party like a rock-star and shiz like that. Goodnight and stuff.




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