Piedra de Agua

On Sunday we did a group excursion ziplining followed by a very nice trip to a spa with mud baths, steam rooms and contrasting pools. I’m going to let someone with video tell you about our ziplining adventure, so I’m going to focus on Piedra de Agua, the spa located right outside of Cuenca that we went to.
First off, while our hostel is nice, there seems to be a problem with hot water most of the time; so we were extremely excited for warm water at the spa. Not only did they have multiple contrasting temperature pools with extremely hot water but they also had huge rain shower heads that gave us nice warm water as well and was by far the best shower I’ve had since leaving the U.S.
While some people in our group decided to just do the basic spa package which included the outdoor contrasting pools and steam rooms, a few of us opted for the upgraded spa package. The upgraded spa package included red and blue mud baths which exfoliated skin and helped with wrinkles, frown lines, etc. Needless to say, our skin was left feeling like a baby’s bottom.


In addition to the mud baths we also had access to underground contrasting pools and then torture chamber-like steam boxes. While the steam boxes were nice, we definitely couldn’t stay in them longer than 5 minutes.



It was a great day all around; a nice break from working on our documentaries and getting to spend time with the whole crew.


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