Basílica del Voto Nacional in Quito

One of the first thing Dr. Boulton told us about our trip was that we were going to have to be “flexibilidad” and that things were not always going to go as planned. We learned this lesson very quickly, before we even made it to Quenca. Due to a flight delay in Panama City and a change of flight time (that we weren’t notified about) from Quito to Cuenca, we missed our connecting flight to Cuenca. However, it all turned out for the best and we were able to stay in Cuenca for the night (thanks to Copa Airlines) and spend the day exploring Quito before catching a 7pm flight to Cuenca.

We decided as a group to do the Quito Tour Bus which is one of the double decker hop on, hop off buses found in many cities. The bus stopped at many of the main attractions in Quito and we all agreed on getting off at the Basílica del Voto Nacional. The church itself was an absolutely beautiful neo-gothic style with amazing stained glass windows throughout. Even more stunning to look at, for me personally, was the views from the towers of the church. After a series of very steep stairs/ladders the panoramic views of all of Quito were definitely worth it and definitely something I would recommend to anyone visiting Quito.






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