One of the production teams will make a documentary about TECHO in Cuenca, an organization began building houses in impoverished Chilean communities in 1997. Two great challenges presented themselves over time – firstly, that building houses was not enough to build up a community. Secondly, that for college age locals in the areas where TECHO works, volunteering as an act to spit on – worse than playing video games at home is giving your time away for free. It would be better to waste it on self indulgence than give it away to others.

Over time TECHO has developed more and more programs to aid communities as a whole – helping locals with loans, helping them establish micro-enterprises within their community, teaching classes on how to use a bank account, and more. All aiming to build a community up to where they can support themselves, and still beginning with building houses. As Un Techo Para Mi Pais became more of a community-focused organization they rebranded themselves Techo.

For the second problem – convincing college age locals to volunteer, TECHO has had great success where other organizations have failed. Across Latin America this organization has successfully pulled together local university students and others to build houses, help communities and run local TECHO offices.In Cuenca it will be your task to produce a documentary that explores why it is worth volunteering; why TECHO volunteers do what they do.

For more information on TECHO visit and to watch “Un Techo Para Meyling,” a short documentary about TECHO building houses in Nicaragua, visit
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