Fundación Cordillera Tropical

Fundación Cordillera Tropical

On of the non-profits we’ll be focusing on is Fundación Cordillera Tropical (FCT). They work in southern Ecuador to preserve local biodiversity and water resources. In a country where the government has been known to abuse nature as well as embrace it, the greater difficulty is working with the private landowners who posess the title to almost half of the lands and resources the Foundation looks to protect.

Working with the indigenous and other communities in the Nudo del Azuay area and in the Sangay National Park, the Foundation has multiple programs to work towards their goal. One of the most ingeneous efforts is a mix between compensating the private landholders directly while educating them on the trade-offs of preserving the land, animals and water in the area. The path of the water can be followed all the way back to the cups of locals in Cuenca itself, one reason that water preservation is so important.

The Foundation also supports scientific research, environmental education in urban and rural schools, and programs to get more locals involved, such as a training program that creates guards who protect the borders of Sangay National Park, educate visitors, and assist visiting scientists.

While most of the program will be spent in Cuenca, at least two short trips will be made to visit an indigenous community in the rural parts of the Nudo del Azuay where you will focus your filming efforts. Connecting the rural to the urban will be a key component of your story.

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